How can I improve my Emotional Intelligence?

First, take a deep breath. Here are 10 ways from Utilize an assertive style of communicating. Emotionally intelligent people know how to communicate their opinions and needs directly while still respecting others. Respond instead of reacting to conflict. An emotionally intelligent person knows how to stay calm during stressful [...]

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What happens if I don’t reach my goals?

If you don’t reach a goal, reassess the situation.  Why didn’t you reach the goal?  What were your obstacles?  What can you change?  Can you be more productive?  Was the goal attainable?  Take all of this into consideration and use the information to inform setting a new goal. [...]

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What are the top communication skills for business leaders?

Harvard Business School lists three fundamental communication skills for executive leadership: Ability to Adapt Communication Style - Different communication styles are the most frequently cited cause of poor communication, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Know who you’re talking to. Active Listening - Actively engage in conversations with employees, posing [...]

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What makes an effective business leader?

According to Forbes, there are eleven core traits of effective leadership: Self-managing - You can’t manage others if you can’t manage yourself. Acting strategically - Leaders are curious about their company and industry, have a flexible mindset, are future-thinking, and maintain a positive outlook. Good communicator - Powerful leaders know [...]

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What are common mistakes salespeople make?

According to Dave Warawa, author and sales expert, the top 7 Sales Mistakes Are: Talking too much. Listen more. Not following up. What’s the next step? Taking rejection personally. Grow a thick skin. Looking for shortcuts. Sales fundamentals still apply. Focusing on price. What is driving the buyer’s decision? Dealing [...]

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What kind of sales prospecting should I try?

The way you prospect depends upon what type of product or service you offer and where your customers are at. Here are five of the most common types of prospecting: Inbound Marketing — has become the most popular way to attract customers because it’s non-intrusive and prospects come to you [...]

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