What are interpersonal communication techniques?

Interpersonal communication is the exchanging of information, ideas, and feelings between two or more people through verbal or non-verbal methods. It often includes voice, facial expressions, body language, and gestures. Friendliness - A friendly tone, personal question, showing interest or a smile encourages open and honest communication Confidence - Demonstrates [...]

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Does body language signal engagement?

Forbes recently published a list of how people behave with their body movement when they disconnect in a meeting or conversation: They look around the room  They avoid eye contact  They stare at their Phone  They talk too fast  They don’t respond verbally or nonverbally They fold their arms or [...]

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What are the top communication skills for business leaders?

Harvard Business School lists three fundamental communication skills for executive leadership: Ability to Adapt Communication Style - Different communication styles are the most frequently cited cause of poor communication, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Know who you’re talking to. Active Listening - Actively engage in conversations with employees, posing [...]

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Do I need to blur my background for my video calls?

Unless you have a clean space or are in a professional environment such as a home office, you should consider blurring your background on calls. This limits distraction and tidies up your appearance. It also maintains some level of privacy if you don’t want your colleagues seeing your personal [...]

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What should I wear for a video call?

People will be able to see you and are more likely to pay attention to how you appear on a video call. Make sure you have time to dress appropriately and make yourself presentable before joining a call. According to Artefact London, here’s how you should dress depending on [...]

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How can I be a better listener?

7 Ways to Be a Better Listener from Smart Company Look at how they feel — Notice the tell-tale signs right in front of you — the sad eyes, the annoyed grimace, the eyes rolling skyward, the continual swallowing. Listen to their speech — Listen to the vocal inflections and [...]

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How can I remember someone’s name?

According to the website College Info Geek, there are four easy tactics to remembering names: Realize Names Aren’t Easy to Remember — Recognize that names are difficult to remember, and you’ll naturally put more effort into remembering them. Use the Person’s Name in Conversation — When you repeat someone’s name, [...]

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