Body Language Skills

What are interpersonal communication techniques?

Interpersonal communication is the exchanging of information, ideas, and feelings between two or more people through verbal or non-verbal methods. It often includes voice, facial expressions, body language, and gestures. Friendliness - A friendly tone, personal question, showing interest or a smile encourages open and honest communication Confidence - Demonstrates [...]

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Does body language signal engagement?

Forbes recently published a list of how people behave with their body movement when they disconnect in a meeting or conversation: They look around the room  They avoid eye contact  They stare at their Phone  They talk too fast  They don’t respond verbally or nonverbally They fold their arms or [...]

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What are the top communication skills for business leaders?

Harvard Business School lists three fundamental communication skills for executive leadership: Ability to Adapt Communication Style - Different communication styles are the most frequently cited cause of poor communication, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Know who you’re talking to. Active Listening - Actively engage in conversations with employees, posing [...]

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