Business Acumen

Why is employee engagement important?

Studies show actively engaged employees are more likely to invest time and energy into their jobs, leading to increases in productivity and work quality. Companies that invest in their employees do better at attracting and retaining top-level talent Encouraging employee feedback and listening to employee suggestions engenders trust by [...]

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What is competitor and competitive analysis

A competitive analysis is a strategic exercise in which a business identifies key competitors and researches their products as well as their marketing strategies. Identifies opportunities for competitive gain. Keeps you on top of industry trends. Helps inform you of ways to improve your product or service’s value proposition. [...]

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What is a SMART goal?

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely and is a methodology for making metrics precise with actionable milestones. Goals should be narrow for effective planning. Define what evidence will demonstrate progress and re-evaluate as necessary. Goals should be attainable within a given timeframe. Goals should [...]

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What are KPI best practices?

A good KPI is clear and defined to a specific area of the business needing improvement. Use SMART goals to keep them focused. Pick KPIs that align with your strategic objectives and your market fit. Different levels of management should have KPIs suited to their purview. Consider what makes [...]

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What is business acumen?

Business acumen is an acquired ability to understand and address business situations such as risks and opportunities in a way that leads to a desirable outcome. Understanding how key drivers of the business relate to one another and can be adjusted to increase profits. Understanding business fundamentals such as [...]

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