Office Politics

How can I tell if my office has become political?

David Frankel is a managing partner of the consultant firm Slingstone Group and he lists five signs that workplace politics are threatening your organization: An individual's personal rewards do not align with organizational rewards. There is a "system" that needs to be worked, and the best navigators are rewarded. [...]

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What are some examples of workplace politics?

Office politics originate from the power dynamics in an organization as people look to get ahead socially, financially, and positionally. Business News Daily lists the following examples of Negative and Positive Office Politics: Backstabbing a colleague Blackmailing a colleague Forming malicious alliances against other colleagues Gossiping or spreading rumors about [...]

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Can I avoid politics in the office?

No. Office politics will always be present, but you can use them to advance the greater good and your career at the same time. As a manager, this begins by engaging your team with honest dialog and transparent action and agendas. For more tips on how to do this, look [...]

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