What happens if I don’t reach my goals?

If you don’t reach a goal, reassess the situation.  Why didn’t you reach the goal?  What were your obstacles?  What can you change?  Can you be more productive?  Was the goal attainable?  Take all of this into consideration and use the information to inform setting a new goal. [...]

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Will multitasking make me more productive?

According to the Harvard Business Review, productivity can drop up to 40% when we multitask. This is because we are switch-tasking, not multitasking. Your attention is splintered between the different jobs you're trying to complete in your workday. Single-tasking and remaining focused is a more effective way of being [...]

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What is a flow state?

A flow state is where a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, It is also known as being in the zone. You can use the attention management techniques outlined above to hone your focus on what needs to be done and immerse yourself in the [...]

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How can I stop procrastinating?

Get organized by understanding what you need to do and how you’ll do it. Remove distractions such as TV and social media. Set specific goals. A vague plan is easier to delay than a specific one. Take breaks as needed. Yes, you have work to do but allow yourself an [...]

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