Soft Skills

How can I become a good problem solver?

One of the recommended approaches to problem solving is the IDEAL model, from Bransford and Stein’s book Ideal Problem Solver. Their model addresses a problem in simple stages. After you implement a solution, you can revisit it to examine its quantifiable results and see what needs to be tweaked.  [...]

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What are some traits of confident leaders?

Some people are naturally confident and others develop confidence. A confident leader: Is not afraid to be wrong Realizes the best idea may not be their own Listens more than they speak Shares the credit when due and doesn’t seek the spotlight Asks for help when needed Thinks in [...]

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Why are soft skills important?

Soft skills enable individuals to interact effectively with others. They are important for interviewing, job performance, career development and communicating with people in and out of work. Some examples are: Leadership Communication Adaptability Teamwork Problem Solving Work ethic Interpersonal skills

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