A long list of workplace discrimination

Ableism. Prejudicial behavior against people with disabilities.

Ageism. Discriminatory beliefs and behaviors aimed at people because of their age.

Anti-Semitism. Discriminatory beliefs and acts directed against Jewish people.

Classist. Discriminatory beliefs and behaviors based on differences in social class, generally directed against poorer backgrounds.

Ethnocentrisms. Discrimination based on ethnic differences.

Heterosexism. Prejudice against gay men, lesbians, and trans-genders.

Islamophobia. Prejudice against those from the Islamic world.

Linguistic discrimination. Prejudice based on someone’s native language.

Maternal Wall. Discrimination against pregnant women.

Nationalism. Classifying an entire nation and its people negatively and prejudicing against.

Neurological discrimination. Discriminating against those whose thinking or mental and other conditions are different. (for example, those with Tourettes)

Racism. A system of privilege and penalty based on one’s race

Religious discrimination. Discriminatory beliefs and behaviors directed against people of faith, whether Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Humanist, Atheist etc.

Sexism. Discriminatory beliefs and behaviors directed primarily against women.