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Studying one of our courses is very simple. All you need is internet and a compatible device with a browser (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone). Secure payment is made online via one of our partners such as Paypal, ApplePay, Alipay etc.

Once you’ve signed up and enrolled, we send you the log in details to set up your own learning profile and you have access to a course for 90 days once you begin.

If you find the course isn’t for you, then we’re happy to either swap you onto another course or refund you (providing you haven’t gone too far into the course).

We recognise all your consumer rights – no matter where you are in the world – as we we’re confident we will give you great value, great education and a great experience. We trade ethically and fairly will never argue over money and believe the customer is always right (well at least 99% of the time).

We also respect your data and privacy and don’t see or keep your credit card payment or other financial information (that stays with the companies you pay through). We will only keep the data you agree and want give us to help you study and to keep in contact with you (only if you want to, by the way).

We can’t think of anything else for now. You should have got most of the information you need on each course page and there are some FAQ’s below and of course you can message us anytime either through our contact form below or using Facebook Messenger on our page.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we get. You should be able to get most of what you need from each product page, which details the syllabus, learning, technology requirements and payment details. The questions below cover other areas and you can message us via the help button or on our Facebook page using the messenger function. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you have.

What is diversity in the workplace?2021-02-20T20:45:07+00:00
Diversity is the recognition and inclusion of a wide variety of people of different races, cultures, beliefs, lifestyles, sexual, physical ability, age, orientation in a group or organization. These are the obvious ones but there are more subtle like different ways of thinking, language and communication that can create a barrier to entry.

In our course you will cover the following topics

  • Understanding diversity and dealing with issues and complaints
  • Racial, sexual, cultural and religious diversity
  • Creating diversity initiatives
  • Sensitivity training in an organisation
  • HR and best practice
Why is diversity important in the workplace?2021-02-20T20:42:55+00:00

Workplace diversity brings an organisation many different viewpoints, which is positive for the growth of individual employees and the company as a whole. Benefits include:

  • A much larger pool of knowledge and experience to build your decisions and directions from
  • Fulfilling the needs of your existing customers
  • Giving your organisation an empathy and appeal to a larger, global customer base
  • Loyal employees who feel recognised and appreciated, paying multiple dividends to an organisation
  • Compliance to any local legal and regulatory requirements
How to promote workplace diversity in the workplace2021-02-21T10:07:51+00:00

How to manage diversity in the workplace is part of the Human Resources function. Backed by a written diversity policy, HR must communicate these requirements to leadership, who must be compliant. Skills such as effective communication, treating each employee uniquely, promoting the collaboration of diverse groups and being open-minded, are essential manage diversity and communication diversity effectively.

How can I manage my Workplace Diversity perceptions?2021-02-21T10:42:55+00:00

We typically make a judgment about someone in the first 30 seconds. Start by observing your personal approach to diversity, try these steps when you make contact with a new person:

  • Gather information
  • Separate out fact from opinion
  • Make judgment based only on facts
  • Try to continue expanding your opinion of a person’s potential.
How can I deal with stereotype and biased thinking?2021-02-21T10:41:32+00:00
  • Seek information and training to develop self awareness
  • Spend some time looking at your own attitudes and behaviors
  • Evaluate your use of terms, phrases, or behaviors that may negatively impact others
  • Openly confront a discriminatory comment, joke, or action
  • Risk a positive stand against discrimination
  • Become increasingly aware of discriminatory TV programs, advertising, news broadcasts, slogans, slang etc
  • Learn some of the language, culture and values of those in your diverse community
What makes a successful workplace diversity plan?2021-02-21T13:07:49+00:00
  • Be proactive
  • Support top-down, leadership-driven initiatives
  • Promote ownership of issues throughout the organization
  • Think and behave inclusively
  • Make diversity a part of as many initiatives as possible.
What subjects do you cover?2018-12-09T10:50:18+00:00

A wide range of business relevant topics. They are split into functions such as Human Resources, Finance & Operations, Customer Support and Sales & Marketing. We also have a large amount of courses that help you develop as a leader and manager as well as personal development.

How current are the courses?2018-12-09T10:50:30+00:00

Our courses are checked and updated every year (if required). The subject matter is designed to have a long lifespan so you’re not learning things that are already out of date (ie our social media course is more a general introduction and overview rather than full of the latest how to’s and expert tips.

Does this qualify for CPD?2018-12-09T10:50:38+00:00

We say, it depends! Most organisations or professional associations will give you guidelines as to what qualifies and doesn’t, which is usually based on relevancy (ie watching the news usually won’t!). Our courses have been used countless times for CPD recording as they cover pretty much every area and function within a business or organisation so people are generally able to demonstrate they have studied a relevant topic. Always check with your organisation first though.

How long is a course?2018-12-09T10:50:46+00:00

The average course will last between four and six hours and you have up to three months to complete. You can pick up study where you left off as the course will synchronise across devices.

Who are these courses meant for?2018-12-09T10:50:53+00:00

Anyone who is interested in developing their career and professional skills. Many of the courses give an overview and introduction to a subject or area of interest so often no prior experience is necessary but always helpful. If you’re a manager who needs to widen out their general knowledge of various business functions, these could be helpful. If you’re looking for more advanced learning on a topic, we would suggest you read the syllabus and make sure it’s right for you before purchasing.

What happens once I’ve paid?2018-12-09T10:51:11+00:00

Once you make a secure payment, you will receive an Order Confirmation from us and our international payment partners (Worldpay/Alipay/Paypal/Stripe). We will then contact you with a welcome email and your enrolment details, which include when you’ll start, how long study will be, log on and other critical Getting Started information.

When do I start my studies?2018-12-09T10:51:20+00:00

As soon as you’ve purchased your courses and registered your details, you’ll be sent a log in so that you can begin your course.

Can I change my course?2018-12-09T10:51:29+00:00

If you haven’t started studying, you can change your course by emailing us and we will reset you to the course you want.

Who creates and teaches your courses?2018-12-09T10:51:39+00:00

Our courses are written and produced by a team of editors and trainers combined with subject matter experts who come together to produce each courses. There is no live tuition but you can be assured you are getting access to industry best practice.

Can I get these courses through my company?2018-12-09T10:51:52+00:00

We have special pricing for volume purchases and we run occasional promotions for current students and if you sign up to our emails you may be lucky with some offers we have with partners but we don’t have permanent discounts. Sign up to our newsletter to find out more.

Can I get courses in bulk for my business?2018-12-09T10:52:04+00:00

Yes. We have special offers for bulk purchases if you are looking to study several topics yourself or if you’re a business looking to get a good training library for your teams and staff.

Can these courses be used for staff development plans and training?2018-12-09T10:52:14+00:00

Yes. All online learning is tracked through our learning management system and courses can be used as part of a personal development plan for staff. You can also get management reports on learner progress.

Can you run training courses in my company?2018-12-09T10:52:21+00:00

Yes. Depending on where you are and what you’re looking for we can. Contact us to find out more.

Am I tied into a contract?2018-12-09T10:52:40+00:00

NO! We don’t do old fashioned things like that. There are no lock-ins, no penalty clauses, no exit payments. You can either pay as you go (whether it’s one course for you) or all the courses for all of your staff. What we will do is offer you a great price, the longer you want to commit to us. Try us out, if you like what you see, we will give you your money back on your first courses and offer you great rates on bulk deals.

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