Executive Briefings

How to handle difficult customers

How to Handle Difficult Customers Customers are a company’s greatest asset, and angry customers are their greatest challenge. Providing good customer service is a proven strategy for growing a business, but sometimes [...]

September 30th, 2021|Customer Service|

How to develop powerful negotiation skills

How to develop powerful negotiation skills People often associate negotiations with corporate boardrooms or diplomats working on conflict resolution, but everybody negotiates all the time. We constantly make decisions and compromises about where to go [...]

September 1st, 2021|Business Skills|

How to manage office politics

How to manage office politics Office politics can be a nightmare for managers. While massive egos exert power and influence through posturing, peacocking, and personal branding, gossip hounds congregate around the water cooler whispering the [...]

August 1st, 2021|Business Culture, Management|

Sales and selling: Learn the basics

Sales and selling: Learn the basics The art of sales has become much more sophisticated than it was before the internet turned everyone into discriminating buyers. Potential customers now have access to product and service [...]

June 16th, 2021|Sales|

The art of leadership and Influence

Leadership & Influence: The art of Leadership Even though some people are born leaders, anyone can learn and develop influence and leadership skills. Sometimes, a situation may force you into a leadership role and [...]

May 1st, 2021|Leadership|
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