Most people dream of being an entrepreneur at some point in their career, whether it’s when you’re starting out to be the next Mark Zucherberg or wanting to be a roving consultant or run an e-commerce business or even your own small shop or hotel, we all dream and imagine what that life could give us.

In reality, being an entrepreneur is no different to working in a large multi-national. As the CEO of your own business you will need to have a strong grip on finance, law, commercialism, marketing & sales as well as production and distribution. On top of that you will need to know about hiring, managing and firing people, dealing with banks and investors and balancing your dreams with your health and wellbeing.

While many entrepreneurs would tell you it’s hard work, the rewards are great – not just financially, but in building something based on your own values, dreams and vision to help you design your own life.

Our courses won’t teach you to be an entrepreneur, that’s something you can or can’t do, but they will give you key insights into the things you’ll need to have a grip on – whether you’re thinking or just starting a new business or wanting to expand it to the next stage.

We have around 100 hours of professional training, sourced from the experiences of thousands of individuals and companies and compiled by our team of subject matter experts and editors, you have access to both established practice and new thinking.

You can read, listen and watch each course in your own time. There are usually around 100 questions to test your knowledge and at the end receive a certificate of achievement. If you prefer, you can also listen to the whole course or read the course book without having to take any tests.

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