Sales sits at the heart of your business success, increased performance and profitability. It requires a certain set of skills but everyone in an organisation should understand the basics of a company’s wealth creation and be ready to support a sales effort. With the explosion of online, Sales 2.0 is now the approach – replacing old tactics with new online approaches but never forgetting the personal touch is what closes deals.

Whether you’re interested for yourself or are to take a role in sales or take on a sales leadership position for the first time.

With over 150 hours of professional training, sourced from the experiences of thousands of individuals and companies and compiled by our team of subject matter experts and editors, you have access to both established practice and new thinking.

You can read, listen and watch each course in your own time. There are usually around 100 questions to test your knowledge and at the end receive a certificate of achievement. If you prefer, you can also listen to the whole course or read the course book without having to take any tests.

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