The new generation of homeworkers and gig economy staff, are virtual employees working from home or new co-working spaces in cities all over the world. More than one billion globally work virtually. As a business you can really benefit from this army of workers and giving the individual the freedom to enjoy the advantages and benefits of flexible schedules – less commuting and saving the company money in office space. Our course will help you understand the demands of teleworking, both as an employer and employee.

Study our course in the way you want. In small units or in one. Synchronise your learning between any device and remember and track your progress. Study and answer questions at your convenience and at the end of the course, if you answer more than 80% of the questions correctly, qualify for a certificate of achievement. You can even log your CPD hours.

In all our business courses, you get access to around six hours of e-learning that you can watch, listen and read. There are usually 100 questions and at the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion that you can use against any personal or professional development requirements. As well as the course, you also receive a FREE e-book that you can read on your Kindle or other e-reader. You also get a FREE audiobook of the course so you can listen to the whole course uninterrupted on your device.